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The Ten Best One-Minute Films of the Past Decade

“The one minute format is some great thing, because you have only one minute to tell a story. And this needs a lot of discipline. I don’t know any other genre of cinema which requires such discipline.“ says Klaus Eder, the General Secretary of the International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI), in welcoming this year’s edition of Filminute, the international one minute film festival. Let’s talk one-minute films for a moment, shall we?
60-SECOND KNOCKOUTS: Watch 5 Cool Movies in 5 Minutes

Judging from the finalists in this year's Filminute Festival, it's all about the twist when it comes to making a great one-minute movie. “We're looking for filmmakers who can grab you right from the beginning, compel you to keep watching, and then hit you with a powerful ending that makes you immediately want to watch it again," says festival co-founder John Ketchum.
BBC – Film Network (UK)
One hot minute: how long is a piece of film?

The running time of a movie often has little to do with how long it takes before your attention begins to wane, so thank heavens for the one-minute film festival...
Korean Production "Good Morning" by Bu Kang-Il Reaches Filminute 2008

London/Vancouver — "Good Morning", a Korean/US co-production directed by Bu Kang Il, has been selected for Filminute, the international one-minute film festival, which runs from Sept. 1-30, 2008.
18 countries in competition for the ninth edition of Filminute festival

The ninth edition of FILMINUTE, the international one-minute film festival, opens this week and showcases the world’s best 25 indie films. 18 countries ranging from Afghanistan to Colombia and from Finland to South Africa are represented and will compete for the international jury-awarded BEST FILMINUTE.
WIRED.COM (USA)’s Picks From Filminute’s Microvideo Short-List

Filminute judges sifted through 2,500 videos to come up with the finest 60-second featurettes submitted to the online film festival.
Paul Haggis joins Filminute jury

TORONTO — Paul Haggis will sit on jury for the third Filminute Festival, a multimedia, multinational fest of one-minute films founded by Canadian expats John Ketchum and Sabaa Quao.
Winnaar: Best Filminute 2013

David Stevens won met zijn korte video 'The Best Filminute 2013' tijdens het International Filminute Festival. Hij toont aan hoe vervelend het is om te stotteren.
Il Festival più breve del mondo Godetevi un minuto di grande cinema

E' il festival cinematografico internazionale più breve del mondo, va in scena esclusivamente su internet, proietta solo cortissimometraggi di sessanta secondi, nemmeno uno di più.
GAZETTE (Canada)
Hey movie lovers - got a Filminute?

In the Iranian offering, Maziyar Tehrani's Fear, a perplexed-looking fellow is brushing his teeth but is clearly anticipating something sinister to ensue. A doorbell rings. The sound of a gunshot is heard. Apparently, the guy's paranoia was justified.
Filminute Festival at Selfridges

Short shorts are the theme of the Filminute festival at Selfridges throughout September as the one minute film festival takes over the Ultralounge.
Filminute’s Attack of the International Supershorts

If those sprawling three-minute YouTube clips seem to drag on forever, Filminute, "the international one-minute film festival," might be right up your alley.
Filminute lauds sock-puppet short

TORONTO — A seven-member jury including Oscar-winning scribe Paul Haggis (“Crash”) handed top kudos to U.K. animation director Oli Hyatt’s sock-puppet short “Stitchup Showdown” (Blue-Zoo/Nickelodeon) when Filminute, the international one-minute fest, announced its prizes Sunday at the Orange Concept Store in Bucharest.
Filminute: A 60-second challenge

After the success of the 2006 inaugural edition, the Filminute festival – an online competition of one-minute (very) short films – will be back in September 2007. Film subscriptions are open until August 20...
San Francisco Chronicle (USA)
Film celebrates actor, storyteller

Directors like Richard Linklater and Paul Haggis judge tiny movies every fall in the "filminute" contest of very short films. The online festival is soliciting submissions through Aug. 20 at www., where moviemakers can upload 60-second movies for consideration.

Throughout the month of September, Filmmaker is partnering with the online short film competition Filminute, hosting five of its nominated titles and running interviews with the director’s of these one-minute movies.
Filminute meets Twitter

Filminute 2011 runs this month, featuring “25 of the world’s best one-minute films.” It’s kind of like Twitter for films. So much like Twitter, in fact, they’ve asked writer Arjun Basu, who writes stories of exactly 140 characters...